Charlie Lewis

Branch: USMC (As if the red and yellow shirt isn't a give away)
Rank: E-4
MOS:0311 Grunt
Enlistment: 7 JAN 70 - 21 DEC 72
Duty stations:
DEC 70-DEC 71: 2/4 Company G, 1st Platoon, based at Camp Hanson, Okinawa. Served as rifleman/radio operator/squad leader. While on BLT's floats served in numerous countries throughout S.E. Asia.
JAN 72- JUN 72: TDY to Gitmo Bay, Cuba, served as Corporal of Guard on line duty and rifle range instructor for Naval personnel.
JUL 72 - DEC 72: 3/8 Company M, HQ Platoon, based at Camp Lejuene. Served as company radio operator and educational NCO. NATO cruise to Norway & Germany in fall of '72.

Charlie Lewis was born Lamesa Texas. He graduated from Big Spring High School in 1969. He entered the Marine Corps in 1970 and spent his year overseas in and out of Vietnam. After an Honorable Discharge from the Corps, Charlie went to the University Of Texas-Austin. He graduated in 1976 with a degree in accounting. Charlie currently lives in Big Spring with his wife Charla and his two children, Dustin and Hayley

Charlie is the guiding force for all of us associated with the Big Spring Vietnam Memorial. We could have never built it without him. Over ten years after we started, he still motivates and leads....and gets it done.

Charlie...we love you. Thank you.

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